What Documents and Information do I Need to File a Georgia Bankruptcy?

What Documents and Information do I Need to File a Georgia Bankruptcy?

Many people turn to bankruptcy as a responsible option for getting control of their financial situation. When your finances become overwhelming or seem to be spiraling out of hand, bankruptcy can help by not only discharging your debts, but it can also help you get back on your feet by stopping collections, wage garnishments, or harassing creditors. While bankruptcy sometimes had negative connotations, it can often be the best option depending on your specific financial situation.

If you are planning on filing a Georgia Bankruptcy, you should be aware that it will require a lot of information about your current and past financial situation as well as an inventory of your property. Gathering all this information and the required documents can take time, so here’s a list of what you may need as you prepare for your bankruptcy paperwork:

  • Proof of Income: You will need copies of your pay stubs (usually about 6 months back) to verify your income. You will also need documentation of other income sources you may have such as rental income, a side business, or social security.
  • Tax Returns: You will need to provide past tax information when you file for bankruptcy. Having copies of your tax returns for several years back will be necessary.
  • Mortgage Statements: If you own any real estate, you will be asked to provide documents that show the value of the property, and loan and monthly payment amounts for your mortgage.
  • Bank Account Statements: You will need to provide bank statements for your bank accounts including your savings and retirement accounts.
  • Asset Documentation: Part of your bankruptcy form will require you to make an inventory of all of your assets. This includes everything you own. Generally, you just write down what you have and the value of it (ex: couch-$200). However, for items like your car, you will need to have the title and documentation of the loan amount as well.
  • Credit Counseling Certificate: Before you file for bankruptcy, you will be required to take a credit counseling After you have completed the course, you will get a certificate of completion. This will be included in your bankruptcy filing, so be sure to have a copy.

 Get Assistance from a Skilled Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney

Understanding the ins and outs of a Georgia bankruptcy can be difficult—with all the information you need, it’s easy to forget something that could delay your bankruptcy filing. If you plan to file for bankruptcy, contact the experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorneys at The Ballard Law Group. With their knowledge of bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy process, they will be able to walk you through the filing process and make sure you are prepared and have everything you need. With their assistance, you won’t have to worry about remembering everything on your own. To begin your bankruptcy process, contact us at (404) 800-9939 to set up a free consultation at our Atlanta or Lawrenceville office!

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