Do I Have to Go Through Credit Counseling During My Atlanta Bankruptcy?

Do I Have to Go Through Credit Counseling During My Atlanta Bankruptcy? - BLG Bankruptcy

If you have made the difficult decision to file bankruptcy in Atlanta, there are certain steps you must take before and after filing your petition with the court. Georgia believes credit counseling is an important way for bankruptcy petitioners to learn better financial management skills and avoid finding themselves in a similar situation in the future. For that reason, there are credit counseling requirements you must complete before and after filings occur.

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course Requirement

In most cases, Atlanta courts require you to take a credit counseling course approved for bankruptcy petitioners by Georgia’s regional US Trustee no more than six months prior to filing your case in court. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate that must be filed with the Bankruptcy Court along with your petition.

You may be exempted from the pre-bankruptcy credit counseling requirement for a few reasons. If you are physically or mentally impaired to the extent that you are unable to complete the requirement or you are in a combat zone as an active duty member of the military, you are excused. Additionally, if you make a good faith attempt to complete the credit counseling course and are unable to do so before being compelled to file your bankruptcy petition, you may petition the court for permission to complete this requirement after you have filed.

Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course Requirement

Once you have filed a bankruptcy petition, you must jump through yet another hoop before your debts will be discharged – you must enroll in and complete an approved Financial Management Instructional Course. Depending on the company providing the course, it can potentially be done either in person, online or over the phone. The course generally focuses on three issues in particular:

  • Income,
  • Budget, and

This education class for debtors is designed to instruct you on budgeting and responsible financial management after your bankruptcy is complete. Once you finish the course, you must file your completion certificate with the court before your debts will be discharged and your bankruptcy completed.

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