Three Things to do Before Filing for an Atlanta Bankruptcy

Three Things to do Before Filing for an Atlanta Bankruptcy

Filing an Atlanta bankruptcy can be a good way to turn around your financial situation, especially if your debts seem to have gotten out of hand. A bankruptcy allows you to get a fresh financial start by either liquidating your assets and discharging debts or creating a feasible debt repayment plan.

If you have decided that filing for bankruptcy is the best option for your personal financial situation, there are a few things you will want to do as you get prepared to file.

  1. Talk to an Experienced Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the first thing you should do is speak with a skilledĀ Atlanta bankruptcy Attorney. At the Ballard Law Group, we offer a free case consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys to go over your financial situation, help answer your bankruptcy questions, and help you determine what type of bankruptcy is right for you. Trying to figure out what to do to prepare for filing a bankruptcy can be tricky and confusing. Instead, turn to a skilled bankruptcy attorney right from the start who can help you make sure you are prepared to file and then be by your side through the entire bankruptcy process, start to finish.

  1. Complete Credit Counseling and Pass the Means Test

Before filing for bankruptcy, you will be required to complete credit counseling. This course teaches financial management skills with the goal of helping you avoid serious financial trouble in the future. Credit counseling needs to be completed within 6 months of filing for bankruptcy. You will also be required to pass the Georgia means test. This test looks at your average income in the 6 months before you file. That income is compared to the median income in Georgia. This test is used to determine if you can file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your attorney can help answer questions you have about credit counseling or the means test.

  1. Gather the Required Documents

In order to file for bankruptcy, you will need a lot of information about your financial situation. You will also need to list your income and expenses. As you prepare for bankruptcy, take time to find and gather the documents you will need such a tax returns, car titles, deeds to property, loan information, bank statements, pay stubs, etc. Once again, your attorney can help give you guidance as to what information you will need.

Get Bankruptcy Help Today!

Before you actually file for bankruptcy, there will be several steps you need to take just to get ready. As mentioned above, reach out to an experienced Georgia Bankruptcy attorney right from the start so you can get the assistance you need so you are ready to file. Take the first step on your path to a more secure financial future by calling the Ballard Law Group today at (404) 800-9939 to schedule your free initial consultation

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