Filing an Atlanta Bankruptcy—First Steps

Filing an Atlanta Bankruptcy—First Steps - BLG Bankruptcy

When unexpected life events lead to serious financial instability one option to consider is filing an Atlanta Bankruptcy. When your debts pile up, life can feel completely overwhelming and filing for bankruptcy can be a way to regain control of your financial situation and work toward a better financial future.

As you consider bankruptcy, you may feel overwhelmed by the question, “Where do I even begin?” If this is your concern, consider taking the following initial steps to help get you on the right path toward a fresh financial start.

Make the Decision

First off, make the decision that filing for bankruptcy is what you want to do. This can feel frightening because bankruptcy often has negative connotations. However, it is important to note that many people face crippling debt—you are not alone. Choosing to file for bankruptcy is not failure, but rather a responsible financial choice that can change your future.

Contact an Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney and Schedule a Consultation

Once you make the choice to file for bankruptcy, call and set up a consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. The bankruptcy attorneys at The Ballard Law Group are compassionate and knowledgeable in all areas of personal bankruptcy; they have handled all kinds of bankruptcy cases. We understand what you’re going through and want to make this whole process easier for you. A consultation is free, and it gives you the opportunity to ask your questions and get direction on how to proceed.

Gather Information

If possible, take some time to gather information about your financial situation. You will need this information as you proceed with your bankruptcy, and it can be helpful as you talk with your attorney. The types of financial information you will need include records of your income, tax returns, and bank accounts. You will also need a list of your monthly expenses, an itemized list of all your debts, and list of your property. As you prepare for bankruptcy, start gathering all this information and keep it together in one place.

Attend Your Consultation

Attending your bankruptcy consultation will be the real start to the bankruptcy process. At your consultation, the attorney will ask you questions to get a better picture of your financial situation. You will also have the chance to ask your questions. Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t have all your financial information—your attorney will let you know exactly what you need or what you are missing. Your attorney will be by your side from the very beginning to help you navigate the process.

Bankruptcy does not have to be a daunting decision. Once you make that decision, you can feel calm knowing that there is help available throughout the entire process, even right from the start. Every Atlanta bankruptcy attorney at The Ballard Law Group can help you through the process and ensure that you get the most from your bankruptcy case. We treat each client with the utmost personal care and respect. We’re here to help lift the burden of overwhelming debt and achieve the debt relief you need for a fresh start. Give us a call today at (404) 800-9939 to schedule your free consultation.

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