The Collection Agency said that I can’t include their debt in my bankruptcy.

No, that is not correct and in fact, you are required to list all of your debt in your bankruptcy petition under penalty of perjury, and failure to do so can result in your case being dismissed without a discharge.

Unfortunately, certain disreputable collection agencies will say anything to squeeze money out of debtors. Other threats that we frequently hear about from our clients are “they told me that if I didn’t make a payment right away that a warrant would be issued for my arrest” and “they told me that they would call my employer and get me fired unless I made a payment today”. Unless you’ve written a bad check, no creditor can get a warrant for your arrest for failing to pay a debt, and contacting your employer about a debt you owe is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

If you are being harassed by collection agencies it may be time to consult a bankruptcy attorney as to your options. As experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorneys, The Ballard Law Group can evaluate your individual situation and advise you as to whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding would be in your best interests. Call us today at (404) 800-9939 to schedule your free initial consultation at either our Atlanta or Lawrenceville office.

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