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How Much Does It Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Georgia?

Posted by Cha'Ron Ballard on December 14, 2015

While prices will vary depending on the law firm you decide to go with and where you are within the state of Georgia, the average cost of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $1,400 with the possibility of some additional fees. At The Ballard Law Group, our prices for a Chapter 7 filing ranges from $899-$1,300 (depending on your payment method).

A Chapter 13 filing ranges from $3,500-$4,500. Prices hinged on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the case, the assets involved, and the motions needed (like a motion to strip liens or a second or third mortgage, for instance).


Beyond the Price Tag

While it’s important to find a lawyer at a reasonable price, you also want to make sure you’re going with an experienced Atlanta bankruptcy attorney who’s going to fight for your financial future. At The Ballard Law Group, we treat every one of our clients like they’re family. Nothing gives us more joy than to see someone reclaim their financial wellbeing.

You also have to consider what filing for bankruptcy will save you in the long run. Allowing your debt to accumulate interest when you have no hope of paying it off only puts you further under water. Bankruptcy may also allow you to keep your house or car and other valuable possessions. Plus, the relief you get from no longer having to deal with creditors will feel like pure bliss.

If you’re feeling in over your head, call The Ballard Law Group for a free debt analysis to see how we can help.

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