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Our mission is to help people when they need help the most. Financial problems are the worst with regard to the consequences that follow. In most cases the debtors remain helpless as the creditors get all the advantages over properties mortgaged. As the Ballard Law Group in Atlanta, we will risk our own money just to help you have a say on your property. We will help you file the chapter 7 of the bankruptcy law with the promise that you will pay later. Consultation services are all free.

How we can help


It is true that making progress in business and life has to do with loans. You cannot accumulate your incomes to the level that you need to do something big. Loans are there to help. But they are also a risk that come back to haunt those who are not careful. Check out our relief services hereof.

  • Keep your home – foreclosure is the worst nightmare that can happen to a debtor. The intention of using a home as security is not to give it out in the end but to act as a guarantee that you will pay back the loan. You don’t deserve to have it taken from you when you are not able to pay the loan for one reason or the other. All you need is seek our services for adjustments to the repayment plan to suit your needs.
  • Keep your car – am sure you didn’t just but any other car, it must be your dream car and you need it with you. An unpaid loan can give the creditor the advantage of taking that car without question. However, the Ballard law group are here to prevent that from happening.
  • Credit card debts – your debts go ahead to affect your credit score. With our services, we ensure that you don’t have to suffer increased interest rates and tightened credit scores. In other words, we can repair your credit.
  • Creditor torment – simply because you have an unpaid loan can make the creditor take advantage of that to get to your nerves in the attempt to have the loan repaid. Such mistreatment are what we avoid by giving you the protection of chapter 7 or chapter 13 filing.
  • Keep your wealth – truth be told, you don’t have to sell your properties by force. You can keep it all by simply filing for bankruptcy.
    Which is the best remedy for debts?

Not everything will work. A mortgage modification is attractive but it isn’t as good as filing for bankruptcy. That’s because you need to have a difference by saving as much as possible per month to help you keep your home and other possessions.

Help through the bad financial times

When taking a loan, it is the hope of the innocent debtor that things will flow smoothly. However, that’s a virtual world that never exists. You will be held in a corner by expensive repair expenses, loss of job, medical bills or a divorce all unexpectedly. In such tough times, we can help you to hold on to what you got.
We take you as you are

There is no need to come in and start judging you. It is help you need and that’s what we come in to supply. Expect to have the best debt advice, have your questions answered professionally and guidance through the process of filing for bankruptcy. We take off the overwhelming situation by helping you in an understanding manner. We deliver what you wish and not what the creditors wish.

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