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Considering bankruptcy? The Ballard Law Group lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia can start your Chapter 7 for $75 or Chapter 13 for $0 down. Call our attorneys at 404-220-9906 for your FREE consultation.
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Isn’t It Time for a

Fresh Start?

Are you considering Bankruptcy?

The Ballard Law Group can help you resolve your financial challenges.

Under the federal bankruptcy code you have options and can escape when things get really bad.

Keep Your Home
STOP Foreclosure

We have the answer that will stop foreclosure and late fees immediately!

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Keep Your Car
STOP Repossession

The good news is when you file for bankruptcy, you can keep your car!

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HALT Action Immediately!

Free Consultation with Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys.

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Accurate bankruptcy information and personalized counsel.

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The Ballard Law Group

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Metro Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and Duluth.


You are not alone; millions of people are struggling with overwhelming debt. At The Ballard Law Group, our priority is to help you resolve your financial challenges by helping you exercise your options under the federal bankruptcy code.

We understand the burden that significant debt can cause and we can help lift that burden with a customized debt resolution plan.

It doesn’t matter how you got into debt, we are only concerned with getting you out of debt as quickly as possible. End the harassing phone calls, and regain control of your life today!

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Helping Good People Through Bad Financial Times

Though you should, of course, consider all of your options when thinking about debt relief, filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be your first step to a new life for you and your family.


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